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Our mission is to help you discover and implement your financial goals, whatever your stage or position in life. We seek to be the one place to go, whether you are a business owner, are buying your first house, needing to plan for retirement or are planning any other major goals. We pride ourselves on making sure your best interests are at heart and that you get to where you want to go in the most efficient way.

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Financial Planning

Events in recent years and the ever-changing landscape in superannuation, personal finances, social security and insurance, means that navigating financial services is getting tougher and requires a thorough adviser to help you cut through the detail to get you the outcome that is in your best interests.

Finance Broking

Simaco Finance Broking specialises in providing finance brokerage services tailored to the construction, self-employed, and equipment finance sectors. With the banking industry becoming increasingly stringent, our extensive credit experience allows us to identify potential risks upfront, ensuring transparency and minimising surprises throughout any application.


Born out of George Nik and Associates, Simaco Partners combines the experience of George Nikolovski, who has been in the tax and accounting industry for over 30 years with the broad experience of his son, Stephen, who has worked in banking, credit, business reconstruction and insolvency and business services.